Quality you can trust. Service that delivers.


We are committed to providing oustanding service and added value to our suppliers and customers.
Quality, price and service are equaly as important.



We carefull select our growers and suppliers from around the globe and we supply out customers throughout the entire year with always fresh products.
Fudi Food prides itself on conducting business in a professional manner whilst maintaining a personalised service.


We source and deliver top quality products in the US and worldwide.
Season, weather, quality, availability and cost are all factors that go into where and when we buy.
Our expertise in the logistics and service field allows us to deliver our products nationwide always on time.


We help all sizes companies to succeed in the international trade field.
Nowadays companies considering sourcing and selling their products overseas must evaluate and process greater amounts of information in order to make decisions. Our experience and customs - specific knowledge help companies to mitigate risks by developing a solid understanding of international trade issues and practices, and identify great business opportunities. 


What we do

We are a customer oriented importer, wholesale and consulting company connecting top growers and food artisans to consumers around the world.

We stop at nothing to provide great solutions that give our customers an edge. We are able to supply retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies with the products they need respecting our commitment to food safety and quality.

We are a future forward company but our relationships are deeply rooted in old school values.

Our Values


better relationships

We believe in win-win relationships, we do our best to fullfill our growers, suppliers and customers needs.


hard work

We believe in hard work, trust and reliability in the standarts we manage in every stage of our operations.



We believe in the loyalty of the institutions to which we belong, allowing us to be reliable partners of our clients.


Working Strategy by fudi

We not only know how to get the best fruit, reliably and quicky, we also know how to proceed once it gets to the market.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We analyze each stage of the complete process pertaining to client requests, with speed and accuracy.

  • Shipment details

    We do not leave any details to chance. We offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the operation, whether technical, administrative or legal.

  • Operation Trace

    We offer a continuous monitoring to approach today's complex logistics demands, managing of ever increasing shipment chains.

  • Just in time deliver

    We minimize the risks of the operation in order to deliver your goods in the agreed time and manner.

Our products

We handle a wide variety of products from around the world.



  • 30x30x1 Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, kumquat.

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berries and cherries

  • 30x30x1 Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries.

apples, pears, grapes

  • 30x30x1 Apples, pears, tablegrapes,


  • 30x30x1 Peaches, plums, nectarines.


  • 30x30x1 First quality avocados from South America.


  • 30x30x1 Onions, carrots, asparagus.

Our next arrivals

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